Saffron Coated Salmon Served with Persian Herb Rice

If you’ve ever had this delicious dish before, you know that the aromatic scent of the herbs and the distinct and subtly sweet saffron scent of the coated fish permeate the kitchen to entice even the most rigid of appetites. This dish, called sabzi polo ba mahi is made up of the following words: Sabzi = herb, polo = rice, ba = with, mahi = fish

Simply put, this dish is like an inseparable couple, as once you’ve seen them together you’ll never imagine one without the other again!

It’s an easy and healthy main dish that can easily be made under 30 minutes if you use dried herbs. I use Sadaf Sabzi Polo dried herbs to make the preparation easier.

Salmon has many benefits that suggest it to become a mainstay staple in your diet. It has anti-inflammatory properties, is made of good fats, has a chock full of vitamins and minerals and lowers blood pressure. So, make this dish often and don’t forget to use the hashtag #persianmomma so that I can find your duplicated dish!

Enjoy (noosheh jan konid!)

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