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Lunch Box Ideas

If you're like me, and many other parents, every weekday you're faced with the daunting question of "What do I pack for lunch?" So here are the few lunches from the first week of school. I forgot to take a picture of the other two lunches…

Train Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from my son's 3rd birthday. Yes, I made the cake and the paper bags are the goodie bags. I tried to keep the snacks as healthy as possible because the cake had enough candy and sugar to please any kid or "big kid" (as…

Persian Love Cake

I thought it would be fitting if a Persian momma makes a Persian love cake. I only discovered that there is such a thing by googling Persian and cake. The first time I made it I followed this recipe I found on the web and mistakenly

A Cake Enthusiast is Born

My passion for cakes and decorating them extended only to the point of watching The Cake Boss on T.V. and marveling at the amazing cakes. That was until my son's 1st birthday. We had just moved to a new state, come back from vacation, and I…