Dinner Party Persian Momma Style

If you have ever been to a Persian dinner party, you know it’s nothing shy of a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. If you’re lucky you may even indulge in some dancing after the party! Persians love to show their hospitality through food and tending to their guests. Here’s a dinner party done Persian Momma style. The menu included Koofteh (Persian herb meatballs), Ash (recipe here), Tahchineh morgh (upside-down saffron rice with chicken and barberries), and Mast va Khiyar (mint yogurt with walnuts and raisins). And for dessert there was rollete (Persian rose-water roulade), a recipe kindly shared with me by a very talented friend. What do you serve at your parties? Submit your photos for a chance to be featured on Persian Momma!

aash linkedin_profile_headshot maastvakhiyar mizehkaamel persianroulade shaam tablesetting tablesetting2



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