Khoreshteh Aloo (Chicken Plum Stew)

This is a fast and fairly easy food to make. I am currently up pretty late making this for my kids’ lunch tomorrow. It is typically served with rice.

Since I don’t really measure anything when I am cooking, and usually eyeball it, I am including a video I found online that  I found to be a pretty accurate way of how I also make the stew, with the exception that I do everything in one pot. So, I add the tomato paste, spices, and plums all in the same pot I am cooking the chicken in. I also add in a few baby carrots into the stew. A good way to add in some added veggies in my opinion.

1. Chicken breast

2. Dried Plums (Aloo Zard) or pitted prunes

3. Fried onions (piaz daagh)

4. Spices : Salt, Pepper, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Saffron, Sugar

5. Tomato Paste

6. Carrots (optional)

7. Dried Apricots (optional)

Khoreshteh Aloo (Disclaimer: This is not my video, just one I found on youtube that I liked)

Khoresht Aloo


My photo doesn’t do this yummy dish justice, but you get the idea.

Make it for your family and enjoy (noosheh jan konid)!

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