Five years ago on my second child’s first birthday, I was overcome with a strong wave of guilt for not having an elaborate  1st birthday party planned as I had had for my first child. His birthday had arrived and I didn’t even have a cake ordered for him. Mommy guilt was in full swing. So all I could think of was to either run to the grocery store and buy a few cupcakes or to quickly bake a homemade cake to at least feel like I had put in some effort. I skimmed through a kid’s cake book I had bought a few months ago and one of the designs looked especially easy to make. It was a rocket cake and it actually turned out to be nicer than I expected. Before we could blow out the candles and take a few pictures, I had my daughter already ordering her birthday cake from me. So, ever since that suffocating wave of mommy-guilt turned into a creative outlet, I have been baking and making my kids’ birthday cakes. It is truly a labor of love and I hope that when my kids look back on their birthday pictures or remember the cakes I made them, they will be reminded of how much I truly loved staying up in the wee hours of the night decorating their cakes ONLY in anticipation of seeing their excited faces and surprised expressions the next morning. Each cake to me really just says Mommy loves you. It is not about it being perfect or expensive, but rather it being made with the special ingredient of a mother’s love for her children.

I hope you enjoy them!

Here is the cake that started it all:

I used the extra bits of cake that I had carved off to fill his toy dump truck that I had thoroughly washed and lined with aluminum foil. I would’ve used those fun sparkling candles instead of the regular ones for the cake itself if I had the time to go out and buy them. I think they would make for a fun effect.


A few months later I was asked to make a castle cake. So I layered a few square cakes, frosted some sugar cones that i dipped in sprinkles, and decorated with frosting, fondant letters, and mini marshmallows. The grass around the castle is just shredded coconut that I dyed with green food coloring.


Then it was time for Sina’s birthday again, and he was in the “train” phase where everything and anything that resembled a train fascinated him. So here’s what I made. Transporting this was quite the task! I had to clean out the back of my car, foil it completely and transfer each board separately. Once at the destination, I aligned the boards, and attached the train cars with Twizzlers. Each child had their own candy-filled car. The front locomotive is just cake and a cleaned out can that I covered with frosting. Obviously nobody ate that part 😉


For my third child’s first birthday I just carved out a 1 from a sheet cake and frosted it. I made  a little heart with the left over cake. I have bought a few icing tips from Michaels and have used Youtube as my tutor. What can’t you learn from Youtube these days?! (TMI but I’m pretty sure I learned how to push out a baby from Youtube and the generous videos people “put out” for the world to see. Thanks Youtube!)


I don’t have or buy any molds for the cakes. I just freeze the cakes and then mold them with a cake knife. Freezing it before carving into it helps prevent the cake from crumbling. To make the spiraling unicorn horn, I just melted some Starburst candy and rolled them together. A bit genius and scientific experimentation was used for this part 😉 The unicorn hair is just sour belts that I curled and placed.


And I know this sure makes me look like I’ve got a lot of time on my hands, but I also made cake pops and chocolate flowers for each child. Yeah, I look like I have nothing better to do 😉unicorncake

For Omid’s 2nd birthday we hosted the party at a local farm in a barnyard with a pony ride and a small petting zoo. It was    such a great time and it is the perks of having your birthday in the summer. My winter babies will have no such luck. All the parts of this cake are fully edible except for the board that it lays on! The little animals were all made by hand and are from marzipan. Now you tell me who doesn’t love rolling marzipan into little cow udders and teats at 3 in the morning?! I was very proud of this cake because I had never worked with marzipan before and my backup plan was to use plastic figurines if the plan didn’t work out. ALWAYS have a backup plan.


Here are a few more cakes/cupcakes from the rest of the birthdays we have celebrated. Enjoy! Don’t forget to write a comment. I love hearing from you!


Sinabot cakeSpiderManNinjaTurtleParty PrincessCake   TrainCakeIMG_5444

My daughter’s 8th birthday party was at a pool. So I created an 8 shaped pool cake with sandy/beachy cupcakes and white chocolate seashells that I created using a candy mold.


For my daughter’s 9th birthday I decided to turn our garage into an art studio. I hung streamers of different colors, bought palettes, paints, brushes, display stands, canvases, and aprons for each guest. For the older kids I had them cut out tape to form the first letter of their name and then color around it. Once the paint dried, we removed the tape and they had a beautiful initial to display and take as their goodie bag along with the apron and stand.

For the cake, I cut two layered 9 inch white cakes in the shape of a palette and voila! The kids had a great time and the mess was contained.

art studio artwork cake Letter_T


This is a vanilla cake with sprinkles that I made for my daughter’s 10th birthday which was a sleepover. I used fondant for the bed, headboard, and people. I used sugar pearls to add detail to the headboard. I tried to create my daughter and her friends with the fondant figurines. The cake was a hit with the girls and they demolished, stretched, and disfigured the fondant people afterwards, the little vandals. LOL.