Honey Glazed Persian Puff Pastry

This delicious honey-glazed Persian puff pastry is called shirini zaban and is the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon cardamom tea or some aromatic coffee. Shirini means dessert and zaban (زبان) means tongue. I'm not sure if the name

Easy Homemade Chocolate Cake

Living in a pandemic has brought out the inner baker in me and my children, especially my youngest son. We enjoying baking together as a hobby and most of the time I like to share our creations with friends, family and neighbors. But

Norwegian Waffles with Cardamom

These tasty waffles are sure to please the pickiest of palates! They are easy to make and are heavenly with just a little bit of maple syrup, jam, honey, date butter, and/or crème fraîche. This recipe is from my dear Norwegian friend,

Upside Down Cranberry Cake

If you love sweet and tart together, you are going to fall in love with this delectable cake, that is not only gratifying to the palate, but delightful in presentation. I first bit into this soft and delicious cake at my sweet godmother's…