Albaloo Polo (Sour Cherry Rice and Meatballs)

My friend has kindly shared appetizing pictures of her Albaloo Polo. She followed this recipe ALBALOO POLO , except she added more saffron and homemade advieh (spice).albaloo poloMEATBALLS:

For the meatballs she mixed finely grated onions, ground beef, chickpea flour, salt, black pepper, and red chili flakes. and fried them. Then she put the cooked meat balls in the remaining cherry glaze prepared from the aforementioned Albaloo Polo recipe to soak up the sour cherry flavor. 

1662048_10152724776958004_240781866240189555_nFor those who can’t get a hold of sour cherries, you can substitute the sour cherries from Sour Cherry Jam, although that tends to make it a bit sweeter. My suggestion would be to give the sour cherries from the jam a quick rinse in water before using.

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