Persian Rugs

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

So here’s a recent question from a reader of the blog: “Any ideas for Persian Valentine? Thank you!”

Thank you for your question! If you are looking for something to treat your Valentines to, may I suggest a Persian Love Cake.

And for kid-friendly crafts, maybe using the words عشق eshgh (love), دوستت دارم dooset daram (I adore you) on available crafts would add a touch of Persian to your Valentines. Also using Persian Cats with a tagline of you are Purrfect would be cute:

persian cat

Here are some Valentines treats we made for my kids’ classmates and for the teachers. For the teachers I bought heart-stamped wine glasses, filled them with their favorite chocolates and wrapped them in cellophane.

For my daughter’s class I bought a bunch of heart-shaped party favor boxes (from the wedding aisle at Michaels) and filled them with m&ms.

And for my sons’ classes I bought a bunch of rulers, made some homemade tags saying You Rule, and voila! We’re done 🙂

PicCollage-5 copy


I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love, laughter, health and joy. Love comes in many forms and to have love for someone and not show it would be like buying them a present and not giving it to them. So show and express your love and gratitude for the ones you care about, your friends, relatives, teachers, family, spouse, or partner and spread the Valentine’s cheer.

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