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Train Birthday Party

Train Birthday Party

Here are some pictures from my son’s 3rd birthday. Yes, I made the cake and the paper bags are the goodie bags. I tried to keep the snacks as healthy as possible because the cake had enough candy and sugar to please any kid or “big kid” (as my son likes to call adults). I hope these pictures can serve as inspiration. They are definitely not done by a professional baker, but somehow I’ve been appointed as the family cook, and pastry chef by process of elimination 😉 Enjoy and feel free to leave me comments and questions!





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  1. واااااییییی ساناز جووووونم همه چی فوق العادست واقعا کیف کردم مامان زیبا پسرتم که حرف نداره اینقد بامزه و خوشگله

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