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International/Multicultural Day at Schools

International/Multicultural Day at Schools

Often schools have a “Multicultural Day” or “International Day” of some sorts where children are encouraged to present their culture and heritage through dance, music, food, posters, and such. Here you can enjoy the creations of fans and friends of Persian Momma that have kindly shared their projects. Great job to the families for carrying on the importance of keeping with tradition and keeping it alive and a big round of applause to the children who proudly share their heritage and help their parents represent our beautiful culture.

Aiden from Dubai (age 7) and his mom did an amazing job with the collaborative efforts of other Persian families from the school presenting the culture through the colors of the flag, pictures of the variety of different climates of Iran, the delicious food, and desserts, the hand-woven rugs, replicas of ancient Persian artifacts, handcrafts, earthenware, and the traditional Samovar. I love that they even have a traditional Persian instrument, the Sitar.They borrowed some of the decorations from local stores (which is a fabulous idea!) and catered some of the food and desserts for the event. Overall, this was meticulously done and I can’t believe it was their first year doing it!

10488131_10153032232748632_6824335472799191670_n 10991332_10153032233508632_2353605739462782830_n 10997774_10153032232578632_3293117290673733484_n 11001844_10153032232783632_3547667973643456500_n 11001895_10153032233308632_7298390623074206515_nAnd here is handsome Aiden himself who is already a well-traveled and international child at the age of 7! Thank you Aiden and Nazli for sharing your beautiful spread with us!


From WA state in the USA, we have Keeyan (age 9) and his parents who had the difficult job of representing Iran all alone to the school while many other nationalities were represented by larger groups. WIth their beautiful spread, abundance of food and thoughtful decorations one would definitely think there were at least a few more families involved.  I love that they had “lebasseh mahalli” (traditional clothes) and the Sofreh Haft Seen to include in their display. Thank you for sharing with us!


All the way from snowy MA, USA we have a beautiful poster board made by 8 year old twins, Ariana and Ryan. They did a great job summarizing their rich heritage through a  well-thought out poster board showing the pre-revolution flag of Iran, the geographic location, and facts about well-known landmarks such as Persepolis, and Chehel Sotoun and artifacts like the Cyrus Cylinder. Wonderful poster!Poster


Do you have any pictures to share from your multi-cultural/international night? Would you like to show off your child’s or children’s proud display of culture on Persian Momma? Please send me a comment or message through the blog or the Persian Momma Facebook page. As always, thanks for reading! Ba Tashakkor 🙂


So here are some pictures from our Multicultural night. We only have two families that are Persian at our school (one being my own) and the other being our neighbor, whose beautiful table was featured above. However, since two Persian Mommas are even better than one, I think we did a beautiful job presenting this year to show true Persian hospitality. I made the desserts and my neighbor made the food and brought the poster and decorations. Together we pulled off what friends thought was a beautiful ensemble. Enjoy!

desserttable Persiandollandartifacts poster Tahchin WholeTable

Here is our most recent 2017 table spread from our cultural night:

Some tips:

  • Offer bite size samples
  • Make sure to have labels for each food with the name of the food/dessert.
  • Write the ingredients of the food/dessert with extra attention to allergies kids may have.
  • Make the posters fun and easy to read. No one wants to read a whole essay while standing up!
    • Suggestions:
      • Make it in the format of a fun trivia.
      • Make it age-appropriate. This was for an elementary school so the questions were made for such.
      • Add lots of pictures.
      • Make it colorful
      • Have a picture of the flag
  • Have an actual flag of your country.
  • Go to the dollar store for pretty plates and a small poster board!