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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!

دسگویند مرا چو زاد مادر ، پستان به دهن گرفتن آموخت

شبها بر گاهواره من ، بیدار نشست و خفتن آموخت

دستم بگرفت و پا به پا برد ، تا شیوه راه رفتن آموخت

یک حرف و دو حرف بر زبانم ، الفاظ نهاد و گفتن آموخت

لبخند نهاد بر لب من ، بر غنچه گل شکفتن آموخت

پس هستن من ز هستن اوست ، تا هستم و هست دارمش دوست


Gooyand maraa cho zaad madar, pestaan beh dahan gereftan amookht

Shabha bar gahvaareh man, bidar neshast va khoftan amookht

Dastam begreft va paa beh paa bord, taa shiveh raah raftan amookht

Yek harf va do harf bar zabanam, alfaaz nahad va goftan amookht

Labkhand nahaad bar labeh man, bar ghoncheyeh gol shekoftan amookht

Pas hastaneh man, zeh hastaneh oost, taa hastam va hast daaramash doost


Translation by Sanaz (Persian Momma)

They say the moment my mother gave birth to me, she taught me how to suckle from her breast

Through the night she stayed awake above my cradle and taught me how to sleep

She took my hand and walked step by step and taught me how to walk

Letter by letter, word by word she  taught me how to speak

She put a smile on my lips, taught a flower bud to blossom

Thus my being is because of her being and as long as we both shall be, I will love her


A very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you hardworking mommas and Persian Mommas who work day in and day out with love in your hearts, good intentions in your minds, and with every ounce of your being to make sure the next generation of adults are well-rounded, mindful, thoughtful, and kind human beings.

To all those who have lost their mothers, I hope that loving memories of you wonderful mother brings you joy. For those who are far from their mothers and don’t get to spend as much time as they would like with her, I hope you are able to hear her beautiful voice and tell her how much you love her. And for the lucky ones who get to share their special day with their beloved mother, I wish you a blessed and beautiful day together to tell her in your own way how much she means to you.


Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog as well! I created this blog in hopes of bringing the Persian parenting community together and providing a reliable resource to the Persians raising their children abroad. I hope I have been able to deliver at least some of that and while surely this is still a work in progress, I have watched this tiny seed planted in my head become an actual, live, growing creation. It truly feels like a birth of some sort and right now I am the proud momma of a toddler (still referring to the site ) who walks albeit wibbly wobbly steps.

There are days of doubt when I wonder whether all the time and effort put into the site are worth it and whether it is serving it’s purpose. But those dubious moments are gently removed with your kind support, words of encouragement, simple “like”s on Facebook, and you sharing my posts. So, A BIG THANK YOU to all my supporters and fans who have been kind enough to watch me wobble my way through hopefully creating a united community.

With that, here is was my very first post last year:

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