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A Little Bit of Humor, A Whole Lot of Truth

A Little Bit of Humor, A Whole Lot of Truth

Have you ever wandered in to your Persian friend’s bathroom and seen a big old watering can and wonder to yourself, “well they have interesting taste in bathroom decor” or walked out confused thinking “I don’t see any plants in this bathroom”. Well, I’m going to bring you in on a secret. That piece of plastic aint for the flowers honey, unless you call your itty bitty parts your flower! Yes, Persians and I’m sure a lot of other people on this planet actually wash themselves after doing number 1, or 2, or number 1 and 2. And if you have been a mom for too long, let me translate, we are talking about pee and poop, respectively.

In Iran, you will find all bathrooms equipped with hot and cold water bidets, fancy for hose (shelang = شلنگ). Now I’m not going to go into history here, but ancient Persians knew a thing or two about cleanliness. How we downgraded from that to watering cans on our way abroad is probably any immigrants struggle.

But why nobody has told me that you can buy one of these bidets readily and easily is beyond me?! And what is that you say? You can install them without a plumber or tools?! I smell a no-brainer! Why have they left me in the dark? No longer folks. Today, as Persian Momma, I provide you with a PSA (public service announcement) and share my most valuable recent purchase. No more dragging your pathetic watering can from state to state, home to home! Your family will thank you for it.


Feeling squeaky clean and shamelessly talking about it!

And if you’re still confused, well the box comes with illustrations for that.

bidet how to

Yours truly,


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