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Repurposing An Old Changing Table

Repurposing An Old Changing Table

This weekend I got a little bored. So what did I do? I repurposed a changing table which we no longer needed into a much needed desk for my daughter. It’s actually fairly easy if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, which lucky for my family, I am not.



Nikki is in love with her new desk and the fact that we built it “together” makes it extra special for her.

Here’s what I did:

After I obviously removed all the baskets and changing pad,

  • I used a hex wrench, one of those little ones usually included in assembly kits, or as we Persians say, achar, to unscrew the top and bottom shelfs.
  • I then painted one of the shelves with Blackboard paint purchased from Lowes. This paint transforms any wooden or metallic surface into a chalkboard. So voila, have this paint handy, and you can make your kids a chalkboard out of any old surface, and they will think you’re supermom 😉
  • After letting it dry (it takes a couple of hours), I sawed (take it from me, you will want an electric saw) the blackboard shelf to fit on the back of the table. With a few small nails (and if you think I’m referring to manicured nails on your fingers, step away from your computer and DO NOT attempt this project), and a hammer, I secured the chalkboard.
  • Finally I used the saw to cut up the other remaining shelf into a smaller version that could serve as a shelf for stationary and some other light objects.

I hope you enjoyed this and that it can serve as motivation to build something special with or for your kids.

Also to get your kids interested in building and hands on activities, Lowes and Home Depot offer kids’ workshops. These are free classes that you register for online through their website.

Here are my little builders! A fun activity for your Saturday morning. Do you see their happy faces? You should’ve seen their eyes lighten up when they saw their little hammers. Kids love to bang things. So use their innate abilities to your benefit and do yourself and your home a favor.



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    • Thank you! It was fairly easy and definitely special for both Nikki, and myself.