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Persian Momma Life Lesson #1

Persian Momma Life Lesson #1

Just as most of you wonderful mommas do, most of my time and energy is spent with my kids. Whether it’s playing with them, tutoring them, reading with/to them, talking to them, negotiating with them, or simply feeding them. But I often have important life lessons to teach them, most shaped from my own experiences and what I have been taught. In teaching them what I experience and know, I often find that I am serving myself a reminder of what I have learned. It’s a win-win! 

So here’s Persian Momma Life Lesson for today:

Some people can be toxic to our souls and ambitions. It’s best to avoid these people and keep moving forward and going strong. Such people should be no more than road bumps in our drive to success and fulfilling our mission. Keep moving forward and don’t let negativity come knocking on your door. Surround yourself with those that truly love you and are rooting for your success!
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