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Persian Love Cake

Persian Love Cake

I thought it would only be fitting if a Persian momma make a Persian love cake. I only discovered that there is such a thing by googling Persian and cake. I followed this recipe I found on the web. I mistakenly made the cake a bit sweeter than the recipe called for so I decided to omit the frosting. In fact, I like it a lot this way, it tastes similar to cake Yazdi which used to be my favorite cupcake to eat in Iran.

It tastes delicious and is very fragrant and aromatic with the scents of lemon zest and cardamom permeating the room. I give it two thumbs up. Funny enough, thumbs up in Persian culture is not such a great thing. It happens to be the equivalent to the middle finger. So, perhaps I should say that this cake is Persian-Momma approved 😉



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