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Norooz Crafts and Ideas For Kids

Norooz Crafts and Ideas For Kids

Every year around this time I go to my children’s school and help them present about Norouz. Not only does this get them excited and educated about their own culture, but it also provides an opportunity for us to share our beautiful traditions with our friends and community.

Here’s a brief write-up I have attached. It can be tailored to your child’s needs and age, but it may provide you with a good starting point. This was originally provided to me by a friend and I tweaked it. The same friend also provided this coloring page (Thank you Sara, Vahid, and Sepanta!)

Norooz – About

Haftseen Coloring Page

Norouz Crossword Puzzle   (NOROUZ ANSWER KEY)

Here is an amazing cake that my very talented friend, Mina, made specifically for my Norooz party. I still remember its yummy taste and am in awe every time I see a picture her beautiful masterpiece! It’s great to have awesome friends 🙂

cakehNoroozThis mini Sofreh Haft Seen was made by my daughter and her classmates in 1st grade. We glued all the pieces to the plate and kept it as a display in her classroom. haftseenfor1stgradeNikki at a program I can’t say enough good things about. We were lucky enough to have an amazing Norooz party sponsored by the Iranian Association of Boston where the kids got to make their own take-home Sofreh Haft Seen. You can see that my daughter is elated with joy from her handiwork. NikkisofrehhaftseenThese are the colored eggs I took to my son’s preschool. I colored the eggs at home (to avoid the messiness of it at preschool) and put each egg along with some pretty stickers in these cute little mini decorative bags I purchased in a pack from Michaels. I handmade the tags and made sure to write they were for the Persian New Year. Funny enough after presenting everything to the preschoolers and asking them what they were doing this for, they wrote it off as an Easter craft! So you might want to make Sabzeh with the kids instead or do something specific to Norooz. norouzeggsforPreschool norouzeggsforpreschool2These are some favors I made for our Norooz party for all the children. Luckily Easter candy and eggs are ample during this time! norouzgoodiebagsThe handmade tags I attached to the favors. norouztagsThe lotus trees we made in my daughter’s class using lotus (Senjed), tooth picks, and mini styrofoam balls. You can paint the styrofoam before hand to make it prettier. senjedWe made the Sonbol (Hyacinths) using purple tissue paper, some glue sticks, and tooth picks. You can paint the styrofoam green and add green construction-paper leaves.sonbolHere are some of the supplies needed to make it fun for your kids to create their own personal Haft Seen. You can use the pipe cleaners to make your Sabzeh (sprouts) and use the red to create a ribbon around the sabzeh or a bow around your fish bowl. I have included the prices to show you that it does not take a lot of money to create something special!SuppliesforSofrehHaftSeen

You can purchase plastic goldfish for your fish bowl or use some gold fish crackers. The possibilities are endless. You just need to get started. I hope you enjoy and that I have been able to inspire you with these simple crafts!

Har roozetoon Norooz! (May your every day be a new beginning!)

If you’re looking for a calendar for the Persian New Year, you can purchase through: Persian Calendar

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