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Happy Mother’s Day (this time as a daughter)

Happy Mother’s Day (this time as a daughter)

This time I would like to wish all the mommas and Persian mommas a Happy Mother’s Day, not as a mother, but instead a daughter. A daughter to an amazing woman who I idolize and cherish, my own mother. A woman of class, grace, and a role model that I aspire to be. Never once did I hear or sense frustration in my mother growing up, as I may sometimes now feel when I am overwhelmed by my own responsibilities. She is my true Persian Momma! I love you mom. You are kind, sweet, loving, and have always been and are there for me, and my brothers.

mymomThis is a picture of my beautiful mother gracefully balancing her love between her two children while looking like a model. My chunky self likes to sit on top of the car, cause that’s where a sheytoon bala (mischievous) kid sits, and my boor (light-haired) brother is comfortably perched on my momma’s arm.

Motherhood adds a dimension to life that I never knew could exist. Only after bloating pregnancies, sleepless nights, and rude awakenings (both literally and figuratively) have I been able to fully recognize and appreciate the sacrifices it took my mother and takes any mother to raise her children properly. For this, there are no words worthy of thanking my mother and all I can say is Mamman jooneh azizam, az samimeh ghalb dooset daram va azat mamnoonam (my dearest mother, I love you from the bottom of my heart and am forever grateful).

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  1. Sanaz, I absolutely agree about your mother looking like an wonderful model. Mothers are so young in our memories since we look at them from eyes of children that we were in past. But now that we are mothers too, I get to know all those lines that we probably caused, as we get them from our own children.

    I hope you had wonderful Mother’s day for both side of you, being a daughter and being a mother. (Will helped me. ho ho)