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Motherly Advice

Motherly Advice

Hey Mommas, I want to hear some advice you give your children. Whether it’s casual, funny, clever, straight forward, or thought-provoking, I want to hear it all!

I will begin with one I tell my children. It is inspired from a poem that I surprisingly remember from ages ago:

كم گوي و گزيده گوي چون در // تا زاندك تو جهان شود پر

Kam gooy va gozideh gooy chon dor //
Ta zeandakeh to jahaan shavad por


Speak little and choose your words wisely, like a rare pearl
So that from the little you have spoken the world can benefit

The way I relay this to my children is by telling them that: You have two ears and one mouth, and that they should be used in that ratio.

I will add more to this list soon!


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