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Mankind versus Gorilla

Mankind versus Gorilla


I can’t keep silent anymore! Ok, who am I kidding. I have never been silent. But I can’t watch the epidemic spread of hate over an accident that was unfortunate. I really despise all the judgement and hate towards the parent and innocent child. It’s what’s wrong with our society. We are quick to hide behind our screens and point fingers at others. I agree that we should all watch our children. I also believe that accidents happen. Don’t forget that we are also responsible as a society and as a whole. Where were all the other adults who were quick to videotape the incident? Could they have not prevented this? Could they not have helped a mother who may have not had her eyes on one of her children for a moment. It’s unfortunate that a gorilla, and an endangered species at that, was hurt and killed. But it was to prevent the death of a child. You have to put yourself in the mother’s shoes. If God forbid your child was the one who fell in or climbed in and fell in, what would you want done? Would you want your child sacrificed for the gorilla’s sake?
They say that we are the best parents until we actually become one. It is true! For those who don’t have children, I can understand how they are quick to jump the gun, no pun intended, and point at the mother. But once you become a mother I would have expected empathy and understanding for the mother and child in this situation.
I will never understand people who fight for animal rights but are quick to step on human rights.
Another issue this brings up is the old saying, “it takes a village to raise children”. It really does take a village and other people caring and watching out. We no longer have that village in our busy and self-loving and self-righteous society. We are too busy taking selfies, trolling our messages of hate on the internet, and judging to lend a helping hand. In this scenario, the bystanders should have also meddled. We love to meddle when it causes trouble, but what about meddling for a good cause?
Let’s think about this a little and please feel free to voice your opinion and thoughts and keep it civil please.
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