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How to Teach Your Children Not to Interrupt

How to Teach Your Children Not to Interrupt

So if you have children of speaking age, you know they love to share just about everything with you, especially the moment you start conversing with someone else. So, this is a great opportunity to teach your children not to interrupt you when you are speaking to someone else. With a simple hand gesture you can teach your children not to interrupt. What we do, and I credit this to seeing another parent do it, is use a simple hand gesture to acknowledge the child that you’ve heard them but they have to wait a moment.
pointing forefinger upIt is important to explain this to the child that when you point your forefinger up, this means you need a moment before you can tend to their needs or listen to them. Simply ignoring the child when you are trying to carry out a conversation does not work and can create frustration for the child. So by explaining to them that when mommy is talking to someone, you shouldn’t interrupt and that mommy will use this signal, you can train your children to wait for a moment without ignoring them or disrespecting them.

Another gesture that can be used is to have your child place their hand on your wrist when they need to talk to you when you are in another conversation. And then you can teach them that when you gently pile your hand on theirs, you know that they need you but they will have to wait until you are done with your conversation. This is a gentle and simple, yet effective method. I hope you give it a try or feel free to share what method you use!

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