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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here are just some of the decorations I made for the halloween party we had. Wishing you, and your kids a safe and happy Halloween!


Starting from top left:

  • A spooky tree the kids and I made with brown recycled wrapping paper and some paint and fake leaves (you can use real ones too)
  • The purple cake is my talented friend’s creation. Mina baked a fabulous layered chocolate peanut butter cheesecake with handmade, homemade edible decorations. The 5 ghosts represent my family. How cool is that?! This layer on layer of awesomeness was not only a work of art to gape at, but was a party in my mouth, and later jelly on my hips 😉
  • Carved venomous spider pumpkin
  • Wall decorations (I used black disposable tablecloths on the walls and hung haunted mansion-style changing portraits)
  • My Cleopatra face (with fake bangs I bought from a beauty supply store)
  • Some wall/table decorations
  • Another pumpkin the kids and I had fun carving. We bought plastic fangs you could insert into your pumpkin.
  • My brownie coffins with chocolate skeleton dessert
  • Blood candles (I melted red candle on plain white candles)
  • My favorite added touch had to be the fake body under the garage door! This had my youngest yelling “Daddy dead” and running to the garage to look for the rest of his father. Oops! For this, I took some old jeans, stuffed them with plastic and placed some shoes at the end. I also used Caution Tape on the garage door.
  • Spider webs with plastic black spiders on them
  • Foam tombstone decorations purchased as a package from Walmart on the lawn


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