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Happy 2015!

Happy 2015!


A lot happened around the world in 2014, much of it marked by tragedy. It changed me as a person forever. Horrific images of war, sad news about friends’ losses and health battles, racism still wide awake, drifts amongst friends over political views, and differences in opinion. I never felt more connected and involved with the world than I have, all at a touch of a button and through a computer screen. However, the tragedy of it all helped me a climb a step higher towards self realization that goes directly back to Rumi’s poem quoted above. So the New Year’s resolution this year is to work even more so on myself and focus on what I want to contribute to society rather than focusing on what society has offered us so far.

May you fulfill a dream or two or many in 2015 and continue on your road to success. May you have both physical and mental health for you and your loved ones. As one without the other is Ying without Yang.  May your days be full of purpose leading to a better future for not only yourself, but for everyone you cross paths with. May your nights be full of peace and a time to reflect. And may your surroundings be as beautiful as your soul.

HAPPY 2015!

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