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First Day of School

First Day of School

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I am no longer a little girl waking up to my first day of school. Wasn’t it yesterday when I had butterflies in my stomach anticipating where I was going to sit, who was going to me my buddy, and how I was going to do in my classes? It all passed by in a blink of an eye. Sounds cliche, but I remember and feel it as if it were not too long ago.

This time the butterflies I have on the first day is for my children. Will they like their class? Will they be safe? How will they do in school? Will they be liked? Will they be happy? And so my mind cycles while I scurry around the kitchen to simultaneously prepare breakfast and get their lunch boxes ready.

To make my children’s day a little sweeter, and while they are still young enough to be openly receptive of my mushiness, I tuck away little love notes in their lunch boxes. For the boys, since they are still not fully reading, it’s more of drawings of hearts and simple words. But I can be a little more expressive for my daughter who is older and is starting to read and write in Persian 🙂


Happy first day of school to all the teachers, students, and parents! It is an exciting day and may it be full of laughter, joy, health, and learning!

And if your kids are already complaining about how hard it is to walk to school, or wait for the bus, you may want to show them a few of these images of children around the world, and their journeys to get their education! It’s a good reminder to count your blessings and have perspective.

Dangerous Journey to School 

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