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Cold/Flu Remedies

Cold/Flu Remedies

With the kids back in school, and the seasons shifting, we are bound to welcome the cold and flu into our homes again through our little carriers, our children. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite remedies to help ease the pain while the cold/flu runs its course. Disclaimer: I am not an M.D. (although as a Persian Momma I often do take that role and dispense unwanted free medical advice (which has happened to prove great so far!)).

For common colds/flu and associated coughs and even croup (khoroosak خروسك) here are my four favorite products that I always have on hand:

  1. Saline Nose Drops or Sprays product-saline-drops-1oz-front.ashx Because small children can’t gargle (gherghereh قرقره ) saline solution like adults, I find that this not only helps with moistening and disinfecting the nasal passages, but it passes through the throat as well and acts as a fairly good substitute for the gargling. This helps with strep throat (aanzheen آنژين) as well.
  2. Humidifiers Vicks_humidiferRunning a humidifer helps keeps the nasal passages moist and alleviate cough. Just make sure to properly clean your humidifier as recommended by the manufacturer to avoid bacterial growth on it.
  3. Vicks Baby Rub Vicks Rubbing a little bit on the chest and back helps with their breathing and cough.
  4. Vicks Vapo SteamvicksvaposteamThis is a miracle worker and a little bit goes a long way. A few drops of this in the medicine cup of your humidifier helps with congestion and cough.

With post-nasal drip (aab rizesheh beeny آبريزش  بينى), it’s best to keep your child’s head elevated with a small pillow.

Hope this helps and that your little ones stay healthy!

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