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What’s In Your Chocolate?

What’s In Your Chocolate?

I recently picked up a box of these chocolates at Costco after sampling them there and what a mistake! Not only because, well, I shouldn’t really be indulging in chocolate anyways. It doesn’t do anything for my waistline, but also it’s full of unnecessary chemicals and newer questionable ones that I’ve never even heard of!

MMs Chocolate Bar_0

It seems that even the red m&m on the wrapper was warning me to stay away! The second ingredient listed is PGPR. What the hell is PGPR and why is it in my chocolate? Shouldn’t chocolate really just be a few ingredients  (chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar)?

So basically here’s what I found:

“It is used by chocolate makers to reduce their costs of raw materials. Since 2006, commercial-grade candy bars, such as those made by Hersheys and Nestle, made an industry-wide switch to include PGPR as an ingredient – a possible indicator of a cost-saving measure by the commercial chocolate industry. Makers of PGPR (see source link below) such as Danisco and Palsgaard indicate PGPR can be used to replace the traditional but more expensive cocoa butter as an ingredient in chocolate. Palsgaard’s website asserts, “Cocoa butter is an expensive raw material for chocolate manufacturers. By using PALSGAARD 4150 the chocolate recipe has lower costs in terms of less cocoa butter but also gives the benefit of having less fat.”  (

In other words, manufacturers want to increase their profits so they are decreasing the quality of their products. Well as concerned PARENTS, and responsible adults, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to say NO to this! Soon they will be altering all our ingredients and food and turning it into a concoction of edible carcinogenic crap! FYI – They’ve already done a pretty good job with getting us hooked on Sodas, gum, candy, Diet drinks, Energy drinks and such and adding in GMO (genetically modified) foods without many of us even knowing.

AWARENESS is the first step, taking ACTION is the next! Action is not buying into this and sticking with healthier choices. It’s supply and demand.

Many will argue that PGPR is FDA approved. Well, so is the controversial Aspartame and so are many drugs with notable side effects.

A resource I have found helpful in helping me educate myself about our taking charge of my health is There are many other helpful websites out there. We just need to start caring about what they are selling us in the aisles of the grocery stores. Two movies that I can remember off the top of my head, which opened my eyes to the corruption of our food industry, were:

1. FOOD, Inc.


(If there are any others that you recommend, please do share.)

Some of this corruption is because the population of the earth is rising. But I am convinced that most of it is because of the high profits that the manufacturers are receiving. There is so much excess in the U.S. and so much waste that it is truly a crime when there are so many hungry people dying of starvation in other countries.

This post is not meant to make you feel like a bad parent for buying your kids an occasional Happy Meal at McDonald’s (although after you learn about what it really is, the occasional one is ONE TOO MANY!) or feeding them a candy bar every now and then, but rather OPEN YOUR EYES to what REALLY is in our food, groceries, candy aisles, gum, drinks, and water. My HOPES are that together, as informed parents, we can help each other make better choices and teach our children along the way so they can grow up as informed members of society rather than become busy, distracted sheep that are easily herded in any which direction and sadly by a pack of wolves in disguise.

I am afraid that if we become the generation that doesn’t care about what our family is fed, our children will be left with no choices available to them but the altered, genetically-modified, man-made chemical-laden foods, or more appropriately edible products.

I still have a lot of changes to make to our pantry and bad habits, but every step and change counts!


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