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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving and the holidays can be an especially lonely time for those whose families live in other countries, those who are struggling financially or physically, or those who have lost loved ones. It reminds us so often of who and what we are missing so dearly in our lives.

So in the spirit of being mindful of others I hope you are able to reach out to someone who may be alone or struggling or sad and tell them how much they mean to you and lift them up with your kindness and acknowledgement of their presence. Perhaps even invite them over or bake them something nice!

When some ask me about why I had three children, I jokingly tell them that because I don’t have much family in the states, I had to make my own. There is a lot of truth to that joke. I always felt the sadness of being away from my family especially during the holidays. And despite having made my own family, the sadness still tugs at my heart from time to time.

This year I have decided to treat my own little family to a Thanksgiving feast. Who more deserving of the fine china, flowers, candles, and feast than the ones I love the most and who support me and love me back the most?

I am thankful for many many things as each day is a gift and one I cherish deeply. That said, it’s the perfect time to thank YOU! Thank you for all your likes, shares, and comments! These gestures and your involvement reinforce my belief in strengthening our community one blog post at a time.

#HappyThanksgivingFromPersianMommaToYou #SpreadHolidayCheer

And of course it wouldn’t have a Persian Momma touch if I didn’t add some humor to it, so I have decided to “enhance”my turkey this year with 5 cc sub glandular lemon implants. I am hoping for lots of giggles 😉

turkey implants