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Our Family Review of Oznoz

Our Family Review of Oznoz
We have been subscribed to Oznoz for over a month and a half now and I am beyond thrilled with this site, the shows they provide, and the fact that we finally have options in Persian! I have three kids, a daughter and two sons (ages 8, 6, and 4) who are bilingual, with Persian being their second language. My kids go to Persian language classes and are learning to write in Persian. However, as learning any second language can be daunting, these classes are really forced and not that fun for them. So for every assignment they do I reward them with a cartoon from Oznoz over the weekend and they love it! I have even heard them sing the tunes to Hezar va Yek Shab (1001 Nights) around the house. They plead me to watch the shows. This in itself is a great testament to the entertainment Oznoz provides. However, as a parent, entertainment alone is not enough for me to allow them to watch a show. There are certain guidelines I have when allowing my children to watch TV or any show. The show must lack profanity and violence, and be educational or provide an ethical or moral lesson. And thankfully Oznoz seems to have the same guidelines as myself! My kids mostly watch episodes from Mixed Nutz and 1001 Nights. I feel like I’m sneaking in a dose of Persian language through their favorite medium, which is the TV! It’s a win-win for both the parent and child.
I also love the convenience of Oznoz because we have downloaded it to my iPhone and iPad and occasionally stream it to our TV with the use of Apple TV. It’s user-friendly enough that my kids can log in and choose their shows themselves. I also like that their shows are not too long so that my kids are not sitting in front of the TV/computer for hours on end. I wish I had known about Oznoz sooner so I could’ve subscribed to their Elmo and other early-education programs when my kids were younger.
Thank you to Oznoz for providing this amazing resource not only in Persian, but many other languages around the world. It’s great because I intend for my children to learn Spanish. And as soon as I get them started on Spanish lessons, I will be sure to reward them with their favorite cartoons in Spanish! Another notable advantage to the site is that they can watch the same cartoon they watched in Persian, in English. So if they are having a hard time relating to the cartoon (which is not the case for my children but I can see it being so for a multicultural family or children who have had no exposure to the new language before) they can also complete their experience in their preferred language.
I also decided to ask my kids in a fun little interview-style video of why they like it and here are their responses:

And here is a fun little blooper with our youngest chiming into the interview 🙂

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