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Lazy Saturday Morning

Lazy Saturday Morning

This Saturday morning has been a lazy one. And by lazy I mean I caught up on cleaning the house, the kids and I made a birthday card for our friend (Salma), washed some fruit together to complement our healthy snacks, and worked on our Persian language homework. Happy Saturday friends!

BDayCard  snacktime

Also, here’s a fun way to wrap a gift. Since we bought arts and crafts supplies, we also bought the container for it to go into. Hopefully Salma’s mom will appreciate that the messy craft items have a place to go into rather than being scattered all over the floor 😉  I used scalloped tissue paper to wrap the items and voila, no need for proper gift wrapping or gift bags.



Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!

دسگویند مرا چو زاد مادر ، پستان به دهن گرفتن آموخت

شبها بر گاهواره من ، بیدار نشست و خفتن آموخت

دستم بگرفت و پا به پا برد ، تا شیوه راه رفتن آموخت

یک حرف و دو حرف بر زبانم ، الفاظ نهاد و گفتن آموخت

لبخند نهاد بر لب من ، بر غنچه گل شکفتن آموخت

پس هستن من ز هستن اوست ، تا هستم و هست دارمش دوست


Gooyand maraa cho zaad madar, pestaan beh dahan gereftan amookht

Shabha bar gahvaareh man, bidar neshast va khoftan amookht

Dastam begreft va paa beh paa bord, taa shiveh raah raftan amookht

Yek harf va do harf bar zabanam, alfaaz nahad va goftan amookht

Labkhand nahaad bar labeh man, bar ghoncheyeh gol shekoftan amookht

Pas hastaneh man, zeh hastaneh oost, taa hastam va hast daaramash doost


Translation by Sanaz (Persian Momma)

They say the moment my mother gave birth to me, she taught me how to suckle from her breast

Through the night she stayed awake above my cradle and taught me how to sleep

She took my hand and walked step by step and taught me how to walk

Letter by letter, word by word she  taught me how to speak

She put a smile on my lips, taught a flower bud to blossom

Thus my being is because of her being and as long as we both shall be, I will love her


A very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you hardworking mommas and Persian Mommas who work day in and day out with love in your hearts, good intentions in your minds, and with every ounce of your being to make sure the next Continue reading “Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!” »

Mother’s Day Gifts with a Cause

Mother’s Day Gifts with a Cause

Wondering what to get your Persian Momma for Mother’s Day? Now you can get her something that will not only put a smile on her face, but benefit a foundation that I would love to support with your help, The Keep Children in School Foundation.

You can find more products like these here: and

100% of the profit will benefit the charity.

Khoreshteh Aloo (Chicken Plum Stew)

Khoreshteh Aloo (Chicken Plum Stew)

This is a fast and fairly easy food to make. I am currently up pretty late making this for my kids’ lunch tomorrow. It is typically served with rice.

Since I don’t really measure anything when I am cooking, and usually eyeball it, I am including a video I found online that  I found to be a pretty accurate way of how I also make the stew, with the exception that I do everything in one pot. So, I add the tomato paste, spices, and plums all in the same pot I am cooking the chicken in. I also add in a few baby carrots into the stew. A good way to add in some added veggies in my opinion.

1. Chicken breast

2. Dried Plums (Aloo Zard) or pitted prunes

3. Fried onions (piaz daagh)

4. Spices : Salt, Pepper, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Saffron, Sugar

5. Tomato Paste

6. Carrots (optional)

7. Dried Apricots (optional)

Khoreshteh Aloo (Disclaimer: This is not my video, just one I found on youtube that I liked)

Khoresht Aloo


My photo doesn’t do this yummy dish justice, but you get the idea.

Make it for your family and enjoy (noosheh jan konid)!