Our Family Review of Oznoz

Our Family Review of Oznoz
We have been subscribed to Oznoz for over a month and a half now and I am beyond thrilled with this site, the shows they provide, and the fact that we finally have options in Persian! I have three kids, a daughter and two sons (ages 8, 6, and 4) who are bilingual, with Persian being their second language. My kids go to Persian language classes and are learning to write in Persian. However, as learning any second language can be daunting, these classes are really forced and not that fun for them. So for every assignment they do I reward them with a cartoon from Oznoz over the weekend and they love it! I have even heard them sing the tunes to Hezar va Yek Shab (1001 Nights) around the house. They plead me to watch the shows. This in itself is a great testament to the entertainment Oznoz provides. However, as a parent, entertainment alone is not enough for me to allow them to watch a show. There are certain guidelines I have when allowing my children to watch TV or any show. The show must lack profanity and violence, and be educational or provide an ethical or moral lesson. And thankfully Oznoz seems to have the same guidelines as myself! My kids mostly watch episodes from Mixed Nutz and 1001 Nights. I feel like I’m sneaking in a dose of Persian language through their favorite medium, which is the TV! It’s a win-win for both the parent and child.
I also love the convenience of Oznoz because we have downloaded it to my iPhone and iPad and occasionally stream it to our TV with the use of Apple TV. It’s user-friendly enough that my kids can log in and choose their shows themselves. I also like that their shows are not too long so that my kids are not sitting in front of the TV/computer for hours on end. I wish I had known about Oznoz sooner so I could’ve subscribed to their Elmo and other early-education programs when my kids were younger.
Thank you to Oznoz for providing this amazing resource not only in Persian, but many other languages around the world. It’s great because I intend for my children to learn Spanish. And as soon as I get them started on Spanish lessons, I will be sure to reward them with their favorite cartoons in Spanish! Another notable advantage to the site is that they can watch the same cartoon they watched in Persian, in English. So if they are having a hard time relating to the cartoon (which is not the case for my children but I can see it being so for a multicultural family or children who have had no exposure to the new language before) they can also complete their experience in their preferred language.
I also decided to ask my kids in a fun little interview-style video of why they like it and here are their responses:

And here is a fun little blooper with our youngest chiming into the interview :-)

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Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind, Body, and Soul

If I can encourage even one person to workout, weight lift, and take better care of their body with this picture, that is what I intend to do! We mothers often put everyone’s needs before our own. I never took the time to workout regularly after I had two little ones. But after my third child, and feeling particularly out of shape, I took matters into my own hands and decided to join a gym and get a trainer. That trainer was the first chapter of me learning to push myself and overcoming my fatigue due to sleepless nights and breastfeeding. A hidden consequence of that was strengthening my mind and spirit as well. I became happier, and felt better. Just being away from my responsibilities for an hour freed me and awoken the urge to be with my children. You can’t miss your children if you’re constantly with them. My gym habit has become such an integrated part of my life that I feel lost without it. It’s my form of meditation. I shut off from all the worries and responsibilities of the world, look at myself straight in the mirror and dance, move, stretch, and lift with the music. I truly believe a fit momma is a happy momma. Being fit doesn’t mean being skinny. It means fighting for your health and focusing on bettering yourself day by day and little by little. So take some time for yourself and “detox” from all your worries. 

I’m not perfect and may never be, but striving for perfection is my goal and mission!

What have you done for your mind, body, and soul today?

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Sizdeh Be Dar

Sizdeh Be Dar

Thursday, April 2nd 2015, will be Sizdeh-be-dar (Out with the 13th), the 13th day of the New Year and the day the Haft Seen is put away. Traditionally this is the day you go out for a picnic with your family and friends in hopes to rid the bad luck of the 13th. Sprouts are often released in a river to take the bad luck with them.


And I read this wish for Sizdeh beh dar in Persian and couldn’t help but wish it for you all of you (and loosely translate it for my non-Persian-speaking friends):

امیدوارم با جمع کردن هفت سین نوروزی، کتابش نگهدارتان، آینه اش روشنایی زندگیتان، سکه اش بارکت عمرتان، سبزه اش طراوت وشادابی دلتان، ماهی اش شوق ادامه زندگیتان را به شما هدیه دهد

Omidvaram ba jam kardaneh Haft Seeneh Norouzy,
Ketaab negahdaretoon, ayeneash roshanayi zendegitan, sekkeash barekateh omretoon, sabze’ash taravat va shaadaby deletoon, mahiash shogheh edameh zendegitan ro beh shoma hediyeh dahad.

I hope that with putting away your Haft Seen, the Holy book acts as your protector, the mirror reflects it’s light into your life, the coins bless you with longevity, the sprouts offer you happiness, and the gold fish present you with the zeal to carry your passion forward.

Pishapish Sizdeh Be Dar mobarak! An early Happy Sizde-be-dar!

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Norouz 1394 Mobarak

Norouz 1394 Mobarak

Wishing you all a very Happy Persian New Year. Norouzetoon mobarak! May your health be optimal, your love life phenomenal, your problems solvable, your vacations tropical, your success unstoppable, your enemies invisible, your friendships and love invincible, and your year blessed with everything wonderful <3 #PersianMomma #Norouz #Norooz #Nowruz


Chahar Shanbeh Suri (Festival of Fire)

Chahar Shanbeh Suri (Festival of Fire)

It’s Chahar Shanbeh Suri چهار شنبه سوری (Tuesday March 17 2015)! This is traditionally known as the Festival of Fire and is celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday of the year and serves as a prelude to Nowruz. It is a festival rooted in the beautiful and ancient Zoroastrian religion and involves jumping over a small bonfire to wish away illness for the New Year and hope for the energy and vitality of the fire as a purification ritual.


Another tradition on this night is Ghashogh Zani قاشق زنی‌  which is very similar to the Halloween trick or treating. Ghashogh zani (ghashogh means spoon and zani means striking). This tradition is rooted in the belief that the living were visited by the spirits of their ancestors on the last day of the year. So children pretend they are the ancestors and disguise themselves in shrouds going door to door striking pots with spoons to rid the bad luck and are offered treats.

ghashogh zani

Countdown to Norouz 1394

Countdown to Norouz 1394

It’s March and it’s time to begin our countdown to Norouz!

Khooneh Tekooni خونه تکونی (spring cleaning) is traditionally done a few weeks before the arrival of Norouz. It’s really a thorough cleaning from the top of your house to the bottom! It’s a good time to donate unused items and tend to those ignored windows and curtains.

Usually two weeks before Norouz is a good time to start growing your Sabzeh سبزه (sprouts).